Campaign Supporters

Thank you to the following people and organizations for supporting our campaign:

Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin Family Action

John Maddente
Business Owner

Gerry and Lynda Holton
Business Owner

Curt and Heather Gundrum
Business Owner

Ed and Barb Treick
Former Business Owner and President of Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBA)

Milt and Carol Kuyers
Business Owner

Jack and Carol VanDerPloeg
Business Owner

Jeff and Tracy Shultz

Debi and Gary Hovila
Business Owner

Michael and Hope Certalic

Patti and Robert Hutton
Business Owner and Elected Official

David and Laura Powell

Jim and Rita Lofy

Scott and Sarah Howard

Robert and Laurie Perrigo

Christopher Novak

Lenore Buss

Joe and Sarah Bellman

Peg and Dan Dettlaff
Business Owner

Richard Schultz

Karen and Jim Duane
Business Owner

Lori and Dave Rosenwald

Dave and Lynn Klann

Peter Keddie
Business Owner

Richard and Linda Arriaga

Ara Cherchian
Business Owner

Melvin Rutlin

Dorothy Van Ess

Lee and Mary Schoenfeld
Business Owner

Eileen Van Hoff

Aaron Moede

Cindy Kamp
Business Owner

Ken Schmitz

Marjorie Wolters

Dan Brockington

Neil and Shannon Dunham

Brian Nahey
Business Owner

Joshua and Colleen Brown
Elected Official

Bruce Neumiller
Business Owner

Harlan Vande Slunt

Alan and Jacie Kapenga
Business Owner

Richard and Juile Parfrey

Michael Oldenberg
Educator and Principal

Mary Keppeler

Paul and Madia Seifert

Noel and Tim Aicher
Elected Official

Darrell and Jennifer Pope

Gerald Mac Dougall
Elected Official

Aaron and Shelly Ritchie

Keith and Tina Schmidt
Business Owner

Erv and Debbie Sadowski
Elected official, Business Owner

Eileen, Harold and Ethan Hebbe

Glen and Kristi Spoolstra

Peter and Patti Larson

Fred Hoffman

Richard Jenkins

Susan and Richard Wilkey
Business Owner

Dr. Mark Bruce

Gerald Holton Jr.

John Duimstra

Gary Tenpas

Glenn and June Meekma

Kathy Dooyema
Business Owner

Arthur Schaafsma

Gile Tojek

Lewis Brasser

William Johns

Judy Abbas

Randy Cupery

Kathy Solper

Tim Evans

Lawrence Elton

Gertrude Bothof

Sal and Cher Maglio

Theresa Urbancheck
Elected Official

Craig and Joann DuMez

Jim Maloney
Business Owner

Barb and Dennis Estenson
Business Owner

Connie and Troy Flinton

Todd and Kristin Eckhart

Mary Herrick

Justin and Kelly Andaloro

Troy and Nicole Gauger

Sherri and Bill Gloyeck
Business Owner

Don and Valerie Gottschalk
Business Owner

David and Lynn Greenway

Brian Halverson
Business Owner

Brian Hastings
Business Owner

Gina Heinritz

Chuck and Tamela Lovell

Dale and Dawn Quakkelaar

Peter Rathmann

Dan and Marty Wiley

Scott and Cindy Schultz
Business Owner

Tim Kooi
Retired Educator

Major Dean Nienhuis, ARNG (ret)

Steve and Heather Schaefer

Paige Lemmenes

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. By browsing through the tabs above you will learn about who I am and what I stand for. If you have any questions please Contact Me and let me know!

If you beleive in what I stand for please consider donating with the Donate button above to help offset the cost of running for public office.

For freedom.

"There's only so many priorities that you can fund. What you choose to target, you need to win." John Hancock


Thank you to all who contributed to the Senate Event at Tim and Barbara Michels home and to the Assembly event with Congressman Paul Ryan. It was a great success and your help is very appreciated!

Get involved by supporting the conservative agenda. Your financial support is essential if we are going to continue to turn back the liberal philosophy that has taken us in the wrong direction. Wisconsin is seen by the rest of the Country as the epicenter of this battle.  Please consider contributing by clicking on the Donation button and play a part in shaping your government! 

The Maximum amount by law that an individual may donate to an assembly candidate is $500 ($1,000 per couple) per cycle.

Checks should be made payable to:
Taxpayers for Kapenga ~ P.O. Box 26 ~ Nashotah, WI  53058


Expect More!